Community Life

10th Anniversary Celebration 2005-2015

The Arizona Daily Star wrote a wonderful article on Stone Curves's community and 10th Anniversary Celebration

Working Together

All the work that makes our community function is done by us, the residents.  We join together in loosely organized teams, each focusing on a specific area.  The Green Team cares for our landscaping; the Chicken Team cares for our chickens; the Garden Team cares for our community garden; the Infrastructure Team makes sure our buildings remain in good shape; the Common House Team looks after the rooms in the Common House; the Membership Team welcomes new residents and coordinates social activities; the Pool Team maintains the pool and spa; the Financial and Legal Team, well, it does financial and legal stuff.  Every adult is expected to contribute five hours of work each month to one or more of these teams.


Eating Together

Eating together keeps us together.  We have several community meals each month: a birthday potluck to celebrate that month's birthdays, an "It's a Buck" meal prepared by a group of residents, a "meal club" dinner, a trip to a local restaurant just for Stone Cuves women, and a very informal "bring-your-own dinner," eaten in the patio of one or another of our five villages.  In addition, every once in a while someone or some group decides to cook a meal for the community, often a barbecue.  Or the people in one village invite everyone in another village to dinner.  Or an eating club springs up just for vegans or vegetarians or for families with very young children.

For our 10th anniversary, a group of residents - headed by our own Kathy Olson - produced a beautiful cook book full of community pictures, wise sayings and excellent recipes. Read, bake and enjoy. Stone Curves Cookbook.

Governing Together

Like all cohousing communities, we are self-governed.  We meet regularly to discuss problems and to plan for the future.  We work at making our decisions by consensus.  Every member of the community, renter or owner, has an equal voice in decision making. 

Team meeting in Common House living room.

Team meeting in Common House living room.